Sunday, September 13, 2009


It is time my children to wake up to your calling ! My voice , my will in you .

I shall make a way where there is no way and I shall supply your needs in a supernatural way and means as Job and Elijah ( The Lord is my God ) for I " AM " your Creator of all and it is my sustaining hand that bears your very breath .

Do you hear me calling you as Samuel yet you do not need an Eli to make me known to you for I am here for the asking , seek me out where I may be found for my Throne of Grace is just that for I am ever with you and beside you .

Cry out to me as Hannah , speak to me as David in psalms of praise and search out my wisdom as Solomon for All is here for the asking and I am calling to you as my beloved bride and I am your conquerer to all your woes and doubt .

So as my word call to me and I will answer you and show you unsearchable things for I am The Word yes but yeah does not my word speak of the mysteries found in Christ your Savior , then come to the Voice of many waters that I may fill you till your full pressed down shaken together and flowing over , for I am here for you as you learn how to enter into my love for it is this you will find as the pathway to Zion through my Son Jesus so do not fear the name I have given you in power and strength for he alone is the gateway and path unto my feet .

Come ! climb unto my lap holding All the desires I have for you in me , for I am your All in All .

Come receive and be filled and empowered in me Yahweh for I AM your Jehovah (Lord) God .

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