Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Ostentatious miracles have arrived "yeah" they are at your very feet ,

So do not go by what you see but instead speak hope(to my children) and defeat(to the enemy) ,

For what I did on the cross is not yet done ,

For as I am risen I am still expanding my kingdom ,

My gifts are never ending for they are eternal as you and me ,

But it is your vision of hope for the multitudes that you must come into agreement with me TO SEE ,

For my spirit resides within you and my blood pleads the Father's will ,

For truly I am worthy in an eternal manner to fulfill .

So lay your hopes and dreams upon me "the desires of your heart" ,

And as they agree with me the miracles shall start ,

The weak , the lame , the hopeless , truly all these things to me ,

Are simple petitions of the heart waiting to be set free ,

But you must be pro-active stepping out in the trust and "know" ,

For to picture me already moving on your behalf creates a whole ,

For hope and trust are a seedling that I have given you ,

But knowing I will accomplish is the Oak I promise to fulfill ,

So as you enter into agreement with My heart ,

Simply speak it forth for the miracles to start ,

For it is my mind that houses you ,

The manifold wisdom and glory of the Father's heart to do ,

All his children ask for in spirit and in truth ,

And this is how I raise in others their eternal youth .

So cast your cares upon me and make them mine today ,

Then speak life , promises and trust and watch them wash away ,

For my blood flows from everlasting to everlasting and I created you ,

So trust and know my loving kindness is moving everlasting for every one of you ,

For truly breath is taken for granted , a miracle in itself .

So do not put your thanksgiving on a shelf ,

For truly as you praise me this is the locomotive of The Son ,

That brings with thanksgiving all I have already done .

So see my world surrounds you and is waiting just for you ,

To speak out my existence into all you trust in me to do . . .

The word "existence" comes from the Latin word existere meaning "to appear," "to arise," "to become," or "to be," but literally, it means "to stand out" (ex- being the Latin prefix for "out" added to the Latin verb stare, meaning "to stand").

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