Tuesday, April 20, 2010


  Overtures of My love are coming your way ,

This day I have set it before you and in my will you obey ,

So prepare for your blessings are about to shower down ,

Much more in obedience shall be required of you but now you wear my crown ,

For my fullness you now walk in and I AM completed in you ,

My desires now are yours for you have broken through ,

So watch as I complete all your dreams and requests ,

For just as Joshua I have dressed you in my very best ,

My angels are beside you with their all encompassing swords drawn ,( Gen 3:24)

For you ARE my Tree of Life I am counting on ,

Just as the leaves of Omer fell until Pentecost day ,

you to are bearing my fruit of wind and fire today !

So shake all that can be shaken ! Leave no stone unturned !

For my breath and voicebox are an all consuming fire and nothing shall be left that can be burned ( ( ) ) ,

Only the gold and silver from my hearth shall remain ,

Now go out war and conquer for you have already overcame !

The angels of my name go before you and speak my will and majesty ,

Do not ingnore them for they come from me (Exodus 23:20),

you see you ARE my kingdom and I sit upon my throne ,

Now you see I can not forsake you for you are my home !

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Mary said...

Oh My this is so beautiful.... Jeff I was on OH and was just looking around for the fist time in a long time and I came across a word you gave and was led to look at this site ... I will share the post with you http://www.openheaven.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=28647&PN=4

I believe this word so ties into what you posted it this... I am so blessed to read you encouraging words...