Monday, December 20, 2010


 My love overwhelms My will in that as my love goes out it cements the foundations of My kingdom come , for where I establish My will my love has already arrived on the scene through the prayers of intercession that is My Son in you " Christ Alive " \o/
 The crystal clear persuasion of My holy desire and manifold witness and it is as I come " alive in you " that these 12 foundations unfold into My will on earth as it is in heaven !" Yeah My kingdom come alive through you " .
 So let the zeal of My heart flow not ebb for " I AM " Truth to be KNOWN not hidden , for righteousness has been laid before you as a perfect and pure offering ~ ~ ~ JESUS CHRIST ~ ~ ~ from whom all creation must bow in " True Submission " to receive the riches of My kingdom come !
" EXPAND " My children for Now you carry My tent pegs as I cover you in My willing love .

 Will you do My will and live within My word and be Christ like ? For I liken(compare) you unto me in all fullness as you walk in My Son(ADELSON~ meaning Noble Son) !


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