Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An awakening as a wave in the night !

  Early this morning while at the altar I received this
word for your discernment . . .

These are times of trouble for some but this is not for
my soldiers of truth to taste of for their foresight
shall come from me through their intercession of inquiry
and I am blessing those that mourn for my spirit to move
in power and strength towards the lost and stolen for I
Am a God of mercy and devoted to grace for the nations
that desire to walk in "true humility and holiness" but
this has not been the situation in America for I have
come to many congregations and me and my will have been
pushed aside by agendas not of my will or the unity of
the body of Christ .

So now again I shall shake the heavens and the earth in
such a manner that all will know that I AM God alone ,
your Rapha ,your Zion and Lion to the saints of My heart
For now shall come an awakening as a wave in the night ,
as a fire in the fields and as a coal to a hearth of
embers .

You shall see and witness my mighty hand press down upon
the nations of the earth through my manifold wisdom as I
bring my bride and body together " AS ONE " .

The earth is about to shake as never before and just as
Korah was swallowed up so I shall devour all that defies
me in one fell swoop of my hand for many nations shall be
affected and fall for their weakness all this time has
been their lack of intimacy with Me their Groom and King
of kings .

Now the measuring stick has gone out and My Zerubbabel
has acquired My will and taken it to the nations of the
earth to do My bidding and will for now I shall lay a new
foundation and My appointed Joshuas shall rule the land
for as before so shall it be again for I have placed My
faith in them and they shall not fail !

A new temple shall be born to promote My Word and
Testimony and I AM its foundation and cornerstone as you
are My flames of fire for I shall use you My children as
the Menorah of My ways for ALL My attributes abide as a
well within your wellspring for others to drink from and
be Eternally filled !

Faint not for your future lies in Me The Shepherd of
your ways and means and I AM your committee so you can
not fail !

Seek My face "Truly seek My Face" and I shall be your
answer to ALL your lack and woes for I AM YOUR

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