Friday, May 10, 2013

Transformation into The River of Life !

Transformation into The River of Life for my children is about to begin now in a greater manner than ever before  for as my Word they shall do greater things for the need do to the Harvest is greater now than ever before in the history  salvation for these are the tares that have been rejected by mankind and the evil one has put matters on their hearts to attempt to block their wellspring but I have now released the centrifuge of my love casting aside all entanglements of the lies of the enemy replacing it with my undying love with signs and wonders that follow and as they receive my promise of complete redemption "Truly" they will be " Set Free " !
  So speak "LIFE" to The WELLSpring in others and watch me "Rise Up" setting the captives FREE for I AM your Ordination and Shepherd of TRUTH in you .
 So "BE" my Zeal for all mankind for ours is the Kingdom " AS ONE" .

Isaiah 49:6-10

He says, It is too light a thing that you should be My servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the survivors [of the judgments] of Israel; I will also give you for a light to the nations, that My salvation may extend to the end of the earth.
Thus says the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel, Israel’s Holy One, to him whom man rejects and despises, to him whom the nations abhor, to the servant of rulers: Kings shall see you and arise; princes, and they shall prostrate themselves, because of the Lord, Who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel, Who has chosen you.
Thus says the Lord, In an acceptable and favorable time I have heard and answered you, and in a day of salvation I have helped you; and I will preserve you and give you for a covenant to the people, to raise up and establish the land [from its present state of ruin] and to apportion and cause them to inherit the desolate [moral wastes of heathenism, their] heritages,
Saying to those who are bound, Come forth, and to those who are in [spiritual] darkness, Show yourselves [come into the light of the Sun of righteousness]. They shall feed in all the ways [in which they go], and their pastures shall be [not in deserts, but] on all the bare [grass-covered] hills.
10 They will not hunger or thirst, neither will mirage [mislead] or scorching wind or sun smite them; for He Who has mercy on them will lead them, and by springs of water will He guide them.

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