Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Word to the Vineyards and its Leaders

You are my tabernacles when you receive the Voice of 
your Shepherd but this I have against you, Your own fear 
to allow My Voice to speak openly in My Very Tabernacle 
you abide in ?! 

This is not an admonishment but a command , to allow My 

Voice according to My Word. 

So do not despise The Voice of My Spirit speaking 

through the vessels of My Choice for I have sent them and 
they are of My Kingdom for My Glory TO The Vineyards in 
My Field of Harvest ! 

Listen ,write,obey according to My Spirit for My sheep 

hear My Voice and Follow Their Shepherd's Commands. 

Stay on this course for ONLY in This Manner shall you 

avoid all unnecessary persecution and the destruction and 
confusion that is to come shortly . 

For in Me you live and move for I AM your life and 

Sustainer of your Soul. 

Be wise and spend your time with Me and release all 

distractions Now for there is no time to waste for Much 
is to be Shaken... 

When I tell you to move, when I tell you to Go 

immediately obey for your life is in the balance of your 
Trust and Obedience to My Very Spirit of Counsel for I 
counsel you and I AM your Daily Path ! 

Listen and obey for as you do this the enemy can not find 

you and I become and remain your Breastplate of 

Guard your Heart Against Guile and Supp with Me for I AM 

your Gold and Silver 

Now Go and listen to My Spirit as He Speaks and Allow 

ALL your Adoration for I AM THAT IAM ! 

JOB 23:12 

        I have not departed from the Command of HIS 

LIPS(messengers and Spirit) I have treasured the words of 
His mouth more than my necessary food. 

1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 

20 Do not spurn the gifts and utterances of the prophets 

[do not depreciate prophetic revelations nor despise 
inspired instruction or exhortation or warning]. 
21 But test and prove all things [until you can 
recognize] what is good; [to that] hold fast. 

Numbers 11:28-30 

28 and Joshua (the son of Nun), one of Moses’ personally 

chosen assistants, protested, “Sir, make them stop!” 

29 But Moses replied, “Are you jealous for my sake? I 

only wish that all of the Lord’s people were prophets, 
and that the Lord would put his Spirit upon them all!” 30 
Then Moses returned to the camp with the elders of 

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