Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Come Run into My arms

 My opinion of you is righteousness for I have loved you through all eternity .

  So catch up with my love for you just drink it in and fall into the pool of my complete acceptance for you have already been washed in my forgiveness so don't challenge my love just receive it for you are mine and I am yours woven through all eternity together as one.

  Come to me and the sound of my voice both through others gestures of my love through them and by my Spirit speaking to your heart for I have already given you the eyes to see me and the ears to hear the sound of your lover of your soul for I am your Hallelujah song and even now the angels long to join in with you both in child like laughter and release.

  Come run into my arms let me swing you in my arms of love and show you the heavenlies like never before for I created them for you to enjoy right now there is no need to wait, hear me calling to you and let go of those saying this cant be for I Am Lord not them and their lack of hope will leave them there but for you just feel my breath upon your face even now of hope and feel my love rising up in your wellspring to overflowing even now ~ ahhhh there yes drink ~ drink deep from my cup of acceptance and love for we are one now and you can play or rest here its all for you just come . . .

  Psalm 22:10

10 I was cast upon You from birth.
From My mother’s womb
You have been My God.

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