Saturday, January 21, 2017

More than Breakthrough for The Righteous ,The Seven Thunders has Roared Today!

 Do you see my children this is more than breakthrough for 
The Seven Thunders. Has "roared" Today and now begins the 
shaking of all that can be shaken leaving only Holy 
Virtue. NOW watch as My Holy Breath separates the chaff 
from the tares and My Holy Ones are all that is left 
standing in the fields of harvest for your Boaz has 
arrived "yeah" I AM your Kinsman Redeemer for this 
country has not forsaken ME and I have not forsaken you. 

 Do you see My sword of light revealing the darkness in 
the land? NOW watch Me separate the goats from My sheep. 
My glory is arising in you now My children and there is 
nothing that can stop or hinder My River of Life in you. 
Push through for your Victory is in each step now of your 
Testimony of Me for I AM your YES and AMEN "ARISE and 

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