Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Bride ! My Heart ! My Tapestry !

 My Bride ! My Heart ! My Tapestry !O come , O come , O come to me !

My heart grows faint for thee ,

O can't you feel my heart beats for thee ,

I wander through the garden and wait ,

My hands sweat as I anticipate ,

For my longing overwhelms my heart for you ,

But it is as if my voice is still distant and subdued ,

Oh won't you come and harken onto me ,

And come into the garden and walk with me ?!
For truly I AM here ! And even now I wait for you ,

To form your Heart AS ONE so in ALL Fullness I may see you !

For your dress is torn and in need of repair !

So come to me in all your dispair ,

For I AM your tailor and I hold the keys ,

And I desire , so desire to , Yeah ! I desire to seize !
Each and every moment of your day ,

For I AM your DaySpring and MorningStar that lights your way ,

Oh ! Fragrant blossom come to me !

For I wish to bear fruit in your Heart for only me ,

Yea ! I AM captured ! By your love ,

So come to me unsanctioned and kneel before me in love ,

For just as Mary knelt before me ,
And poured out her heart for all to see ,
It is in these tears as you weep ,
My Heart and Spirit I lay at your feet ,
So wash yourself in my forgiveness and Love ,
For I AM coming for you my pure white Dove ,
So open your wings of love and fly to me ,
For there is a seat here in heaven I have prepared for thee ,
Oh come ! My beauty , My Heart , My Love !
And rest in me and in My Love ,
For I have ordained before man throughout all time ,
That you alone will be only mine !


Mary said...

wow thank you Lord... I want to walk and believe every word you say... so I can walk in that freedom you died for me ... you alone can satisfy me in my every need...

Lynetta said...

Yes, I come to your garden as I am falling down on knees and humbling my heart before you.Clothe me with righteousness and take off these worn clothes of mine. Wrap your arms around me with your love and souse me with your love and compassion. May see through your eyes how much you love me and how much you love mankind.