Sunday, November 28, 2010


  My presence is a parsec ( measure ) of my Total " BEING "( Light ) and so being completely in ME is where your desire ( Cross hairs ) meets ME ( Target ) for I must complete you as you are of ME " MY CREATION " , so allow Me to complete , Yeah ! Finish My work in you through Faith ( image of Christ in us ) and My finished work "appears" in you as Trust Complete ! ! !

 You are about to go through some things " Yeah " Witness some things as never before .These are not things at work or in groups you know now , No ! . This is fresh and coming at you in such an " ALIVE " ( RHEMA ) manner that it is as if you have literally stepped into a new covenant and lifestyle of " BEING " IN ME for truly you have received all I have offered you to do up to " NOW " so ... it is " YOUR NOW OF REALITY !" that has changed in and through ME .

 So in essence the Essence of your existance has overcome the world but not by anything you have done but by what I have done in you .

 So be prepared to see ME in a new way also as Jacob , as Samuel , as Moses and Enoch and as My Servant you shall be given open access to the Vault of MY WILL for I have found you worthy in all through Me !

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Lynetta said...

That was right from Heaven! Thanks for sharing it!