Sunday, May 22, 2011


 Let go of your life , let me live in you , See what I can do ,

I AM your helper , your friend , in a time of need ,

I give my life to you !

Let go of your life says the Lord ,

I can give you so much more ! ! !

In dreams and visions I will call you ,

Revelation will flood through you ,

And My Wisdom , My Spirit , will guide you in the Truth ,

Give your life to me says the Lord ,

Give your life to Me says your King !

I will cause you to see things in the spiritual realm ,

You will soar with the Eagles , like the Eagles soar ,

And I AM with you , And I will help you says your Lord !

Hear the Trumpet Call ! Calling you to a Higher place !

Come unto Me ! Abide in Me !

Live with Me ! Follow Me !

I will fill you ! I will fill you to overflowing !

Come on up abide in Me ! In higher place where I have called you !

I AM your Joy and your life !

I have all you need , seek and desire !

It is all for You ! Just COME !

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