Sunday, June 19, 2011

These days ahead will bring My body together !

 These days ahead will bring My Body together in a beautiful way for I AM breaking down both denominational walls with the structured laws of man superimposed on My Church that is My "Children of Glory"  For I AM bringing My Glory into the battle cry of  "True Release " and Freedom NOW by the pouring out of My Spirit as myriads of My mighty ones align the banks of this River of Life .
 So " Call to Holiness " and IT shall blow the Trumpet of My Breath and Foundations and watch as I set down My Kingdom in All it's Fullness as It rests upon My Will and Testimony "Pure,True ,Uninhibited and unhindered " to completely in every aspest and talent to do My Will alone free from flesh and the rebellious .
 So nurture yourself in My ways of Holiness for I AM Glorified in this alone for there is no room in My Kingdom for the unrighteous and unforgiving Says The Lord and now you have your "Call to Holiness " for the Righteous and True !


   Joel 2

Locusts Invade like an Army

1 Sound the alarm in Jerusalem[a]!

Raise the battle cry on my holy mountain!

Let everyone tremble in fear

because the day of the Lord is upon us.

2 It is a day of darkness and gloom,

a day of thick clouds and deep blackness.

Suddenly, like dawn spreading across the mountains,

a great and mighty army appears.

Nothing like it has been seen before

or will ever be seen again.

3 Fire burns in front of them,

and flames follow after them.

Ahead of them the land lies

as beautiful as the Garden of Eden.

Behind them is nothing but desolation;

not one thing escapes.

4 They look like horses;

they charge forward like warhorses.[b]

5 Look at them as they leap along the mountaintops.

Listen to the noise they make—like the rumbling of chariots,

like the roar of fire sweeping across a field of stubble,

or like a mighty army moving into battle.

6 Fear grips all the people;

every face grows pale with terror.

7 The attackers march like warriors

and scale city walls like soldiers.

Straight forward they march,

never breaking rank.

8 They never jostle each other;

each moves in exactly the right position.

They break through defenses

without missing a step.

9 They swarm over the city

and run along its walls.

They enter all the houses,

climbing like thieves through the windows.

10 The earth quakes as they advance,

and the heavens tremble.

The sun and moon grow dark,

and the stars no longer shine.

11 The Lord is at the head of the column.

He leads them with a shout.

This is his mighty army,

and they follow his orders.

The day of the Lord is an awesome, terrible thing.

Who can possibly survive?

   A Call to Repentance

12 That is why the Lord says,

“Turn to me now, while there is time.

Give me your hearts.

Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning.

13 Don’t tear your clothing in your grief,

but tear your hearts instead.”

Return to the Lord your God,

for he is merciful and compassionate,

slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.

He is eager to relent and not punish.

14 Who knows? Perhaps he will give you a reprieve,

sending you a blessing instead of this curse.

Perhaps you will be able to offer grain and wine

to the Lord your God as before.

15 Blow the ram’s horn in Jerusalem!

Announce a time of fasting;

call the people together

for a solemn meeting.

16 Gather all the people—

the elders, the children, and even the babies.

Call the bridegroom from his quarters

and the bride from her private room.

17 Let the priests, who minister in the Lord’s presence,

stand and weep between the entry room to the Temple and the altar.

Let them pray, “Spare your people, Lord!

Don’t let your special possession become an object of mockery.

Don’t let them become a joke for unbelieving foreigners who say,

‘Has the God of Israel left them?’”

The Lord’s Promise of Restoration

18 Then the Lord will pity his people

and jealously guard the honor of his land.

19 The Lord will reply,

“Look! I am sending you grain and new wine and olive oil,

enough to satisfy your needs.

You will no longer be an object of mockery

among the surrounding nations.

20 I will drive away these armies from the north.

I will send them into the parched wastelands.

Those in the front will be driven into the Dead Sea,

and those at the rear into the Mediterranean.[c]

The stench of their rotting bodies will rise over the land.”

Surely the Lord has done great things!

21 Don’t be afraid, my people.

Be glad now and rejoice,

for the Lord has done great things.

22 Don’t be afraid, you animals of the field,

for the wilderness pastures will soon be green.

The trees will again be filled with fruit;

fig trees and grapevines will be loaded down once more.

23 Rejoice, you people of Jerusalem!

Rejoice in the Lord your God!

For the rain he sends demonstrates his faithfulness.

Once more the autumn rains will come,

as well as the rains of spring.

24 The threshing floors will again be piled high with grain,

and the presses will overflow with new wine and olive oil.

25 The Lord says, “I will give you back what you lost

to the swarming locusts, the hopping locusts,

the stripping locusts, and the cutting locusts.[d]

It was I who sent this great destroying army against you.

26 Once again you will have all the food you want,

and you will praise the Lord your God,

who does these miracles for you.

Never again will my people be disgraced.

27 Then you will know that I am among my people Israel,

that I am the Lord your God, and there is no other.

Never again will my people be disgraced.

    The Lord’s Promise of His Spirit

28 [e]“Then, after doing all those things,

I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy.

Your old men will dream dreams,

and your young men will see visions.

29 In those days I will pour out my Spirit

even on servants—men and women alike.

30 And I will cause wonders in the heavens and on the earth—

blood and fire and columns of smoke.

31 The sun will become dark,

and the moon will turn blood red

before that great and terrible[f] day of the Lord arrives.

32 But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord

will be saved,

for some on Mount Zion in Jerusalem will escape,

just as the Lord has said.

These will be among the survivors

whom the Lord has called.
 Isaiah 13

A Message about Babylon

Isaiah son of Amoz received this message concerning the destruction of Babylon:

2 “Raise a signal flag on a bare hilltop.

Call up an army against Babylon.

Wave your hand to encourage them

as they march into the palaces of the high and mighty.

3 I, the Lord, have dedicated these soldiers for this task.

Yes, I have called mighty warriors to express my anger,

and they will rejoice when I am exalted.”

4 Hear the noise on the mountains!

Listen, as the vast armies march!

It is the noise and shouting of many nations.

The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has called this army together.

5 They come from distant countries,

from beyond the farthest horizons.

They are the Lord’s weapons to carry out his anger.

With them he will destroy the whole land.

6 Scream in terror, for the day of the Lord has arrived—

the time for the Almighty to destroy.

7 Every arm is paralyzed with fear.

Every heart melts,

8 and people are terrified.

Pangs of anguish grip them,

like those of a woman in labor.

They look helplessly at one another,

their faces aflame with fear.

9 For see, the day of the Lord is coming—

the terrible day of his fury and fierce anger.

The land will be made desolate,

and all the sinners destroyed with it.

10 The heavens will be black above them;

the stars will give no light.

The sun will be dark when it rises,

and the moon will provide no light.

11 “I, the Lord, will punish the world for its evil

and the wicked for their sin.

I will crush the arrogance of the proud

and humble the pride of the mighty.

12 I will make people scarcer than gold—

more rare than the fine gold of Ophir.

13 For I will shake the heavens.

The earth will move from its place

when the Lord of Heaven’s Armies displays his wrath

in the day of his fierce anger.”

14 Everyone in Babylon will run about like a hunted gazelle,

like sheep without a shepherd.

They will try to find their own people

and flee to their own land.

15 Anyone who is captured will be cut down—

run through with a sword.

16 Their little children will be dashed to death before their eyes.

Their homes will be sacked, and their wives will be raped.

17 “Look, I will stir up the Medes against Babylon.

They cannot be tempted by silver

or bribed with gold.

18 The attacking armies will shoot down the young men with arrows.

They will have no mercy on helpless babies

and will show no compassion for children.”

19 Babylon, the most glorious of kingdoms,

the flower of Chaldean pride,

will be devastated like Sodom and Gomorrah

when God destroyed them.

20 Babylon will never be inhabited again.

It will remain empty for generation after generation.

Nomads will refuse to camp there,

and shepherds will not bed down their sheep.

21 Desert animals will move into the ruined city,

and the houses will be haunted by howling creatures.

Owls will live among the ruins,

and wild goats will go there to dance.

22 Hyenas will howl in its fortresses,

and jackals will make dens in its luxurious palaces.

Babylon’s days are numbered;

its time of destruction will soon arrive.

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