Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Word from 7-17-04

 There is a light about to appear that no one has ever seen before and this light will brighten not just the sky but penetrate every heart it comes into contact with . You see, not all will feel or hear this light , but those chosen for their strength and fortitude to deliver My word uncowerst or altered in any way .
Now I have chosen these few to accomplish a special task for Me in obstructing the enemy from hindering the delivery of My Word . I Will ignite a special fire in them to bring My word to the multitudes in richness and health but not altered in any way . Only in it's whole truth and righteousness for I AM Righteous and Holy .
None will sleep or slumber that deliver My Word but have the strength of My angels to assist in the delivery of My Word across the nations of the Earth .
Not one village or tribe will miss hearing the proclamation of My Name or see My Spirit as it moves across the Earth in it's fullness .
How wonderful the sound of My Name and the wonders I have wrought !
Now is the time to come to Me in this hour of My spirit in it's fullness while I pour out My Love to the multitudes as I fed the thousands with fish and bread . So watch ! For My light to " Shine " through the church in this hour .
Now come to Me and feel the warmth of My Love and let it's fullness engulf you and enrich your very spirit and soul while it's magnitude lifts you into My arms . For I AM your LORD GOD AND SAVIOR " JESUS CHRIST " SON of The Living God Jehovah Jireh !

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