Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 I have chosen you for a special mission , not just for your zeal in me but through your fortitude to overcome the obstacles I 've allowed to be placed in your way , and these have been used to strengthen and nurture you in my spirit , for I have brought you to this level of enlightenment to allow you to see precisely how my spirit flows and works in and through peoples lives , for now more than ever before I will release my spirit to do more wonders and reveal the true nature of Christ in a profound manner , to enlighten the eyes of mankind and perform my works to accomplish my will so that all things truly point toward me your Lord , God and creator, and to show the glory of the Lord in these final days , so step up and receive all I have to offer you and allow my spirit to move you through the trust I have so carefully placed in you to follow my will for you and those I've placed around you to carry out my work now in a more profound measure than ever before , step not back but forward and allow my spirit to fill you to overflowing as you trust in me and me alone , now heed my voice in these coming days for I will speak directly into your life and nurture your way in me so you won't become lost but pave the way I have carved out for you on this path of righteousness for my names sake .

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