Sunday, December 22, 2013


 Do you see my children you "are" my Chalice of hope for others.

Look back on your life and in each moment I revealed myself to others through you "my new wine".

Fear not for your cup shall not empty for as you come now unto me I AM filling you to overflowing and even now you in your unity have taken the shape of my cup poured out into those that are thirsty for "you are" My well and I AM your Wellspring of Life rising up as you lift Me up before others !

But now come drink deep and be refreshed in Me .(communion)&(worship)

You My children "are My Light for others" , My burning bush in dry lands and hearts for I have given you the fire of My Zeal to deliver and heal and you carry in your hands the leaves of healing for My coal of Testimony is on your lips.

"Be" Proclaimers as never before for you carry My Heart and with it My Love to seperate the waters of resistance "yeah" you "ARE" My Shofars of delight !

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