Sunday, November 8, 2020

Rise up My Overcomers anointed for breaking through the darkness with My Light

 I am walking you through every jot and tittle of My Word as my fire dresses and consumes you in My Glory for you have overcome as Enoch and Elijah. So now I shall walk with you as Enoch and My fire will come down for you when you call upon my name as it did for Elijah for now you are My Holy place of rest and my healing hands saturated in the oils of Exodus shall bring healing to all you touch and speak over with the oil of Unity for As I was with Moses now I AM WITH YOU. Yes The burning bush and the pillar of fire Are your friend and I AM FOR YOU AS Joshua, bringing down the walls of Jericho as you Trumpet my Spirit to be your breakthrough as Gideon for I AM your King and priest of Victory as Melchizedek bringing the bread and wine of communion for you Are my glory in motion upon the earth even as you sit with me in heavenly places for we are one and omnipotent .

 John 17:17-19  17"Father, sanctify them by your truth, because your word is truth." 18"Just as you have sent me into the world, I also have sent them into the world." 19"And I sanctify myself for them, that they shall also be sanctified in the truth."