Saturday, January 30, 2021

Your Choice

 I AM holding your Staff before you My children to part the waters of resistance forevermore.

 For My Words are in you every jot and tittle of "My Kingdom Come".

 Now as you take this Staff in your hand of My Authority "Realize" this is your "Yes" to My will and no other and your "Yes" will cost you everything through your " Entitled" Surrender.

Be sure in your heart ❤ as you receive the offerings of My Menorah 🕎 for truly each flame of fire represents the 7 Spirits of My Son and that this comes with "The Mantle of Zion"

For you ARE My Melchizedeks of My New wine of Victory and The Manna of My Spirit of Truth for I call you Kings and priests as you carry My Sword of Truth.

 I AM with you for your "Yes" of True Surrender is sanctioned by My Blood.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Are you Rapture Ready ?

  These are days of decisions for your soul's destination my children for my books are open to the tongue of your heart and soul.

 Now The Book of The Lamb is imprinting those that are Now on the Highway of Holiness and not turned to the left or the right and this book and its imprints are eternal and True.

 Ask yourself My children is your Truth eternal hope in Me The Christ ?

For if I AM "NOT" your HOPE AND TRUTH, HELL awaits you and even NOW the Death angel is taking souls away from the fields of Heavenly harvest.

  Am I your YES and AMEN , your Hope and Glory ? For My Blood and Cup I offer you and today is your offer but soon a sweeping up of SOULS SAVED shall Arise in My Hand . Do Not miss My Love Offering for I AM True and Faithful and I await your Yes And Amen !

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


 Josiah won many battles for Me so realize temperance is a necessity for your breakthrough for truly the edge of the sword is what touches first against the strongman and it is with wisdom a great sword is wielded perfectly through a balanced and assertive strength and endeavor.

 So is wisdom without understanding just a word ah yes but together they sleigh Leviathans and feed the multitudes with its spoils.

 I have given you my eyes of understanding so that you will not stumble through each battle but come up higher than just ground warfare for it is here in My courts that all is decided .

 There are scrolls here for you to read and my court is where you learn to live as kings and priests carrying the keys to the kingdom that open up my storehouses in which you shall find all you need or require to accomplish My will for it all starts here with Me !

Sunday, January 10, 2021

God is on the throne

 My hand reaches farther than man can see,

My Spirit is always ahead of the enemy,

Now as Gideon used a few loyal men,

The world will witness the power of My Yes and Amen,

For those that only agree with Me,

Shall soon see me again part the sea !

A battle waged by men against Me,

Is about to witness a fall of their dynasty,

Mene mene tekel parsins,

Now the hand writing on the wall again begins,

Now the many voices of Korah(rebellion) will be silenced by the arrow from my quill,

I AM sending My Angels of fire to devour and kill.

2 kings 19:35 

Then it happened that night that the angel of the LORD went out and struck 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians; and when the rest got up early in the morning, behold, all of the 185,000 were dead.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Do not be dismayed

 Do not be dismayed my children at what you are experiencing upon the earth for I AM The Rock you stand on and The wind of My Spirit shall lift you up into My lap for you to rest in the Arms of My Presence as I reveal to you My Zerubbabels(architects) The other side of  My Scroll(Torah) that is the Hidden Manna that reveals the hidden things "Yeah" even the mysteries through the eyes of My Spirit of Understanding for My Glory.

 Now hush and "listen" as I show you The Keys to The Kingdom for They open The Doors to My War Room and Strategic Weapons, to the cascades of blessings and promises that pour out from My Storehouses and to The Heavenly Hosts that sing The Secret Song of The Lamb.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Rise Up and Roar

  My children I have given you My sword and I expect you to use every jot and tittle for My glory not surrendering to man for when I said the meek shall inherit the earth I spoke as caleb did to Joshua as he reminded him that any land he conquered was his and so I remind you to be My Caleb of today for I formed you in My womb to be my voicebox and never fear the people as Jeremiah for I AM God and not man. 

 Do you see I have given you courage not fear of reprise or scorn now rise up as The Centurion and be on your way for I have spoken and it is My Word you must trust and be secure in not the lies of men.

 Do not mistake My Love to mean weakness for I AM The Same yesterday, today and forever so as you meet and listen to those that speak out of foolishness truly there is no Fear of The Lord within them but merely a rebellious spirit of self satisfaction not walking with My Spirit but a follower of Korah. Remember these words My children for I AM watching and your test is at hand as Peter and soon the cock will crow and we shall see your answer in the wind of My Spirit . I AM for you and now we shall see where your true surrender lies as you enter this valley of decision for I AM advancing and only Gideons Army shall be by my side !

Monday, January 4, 2021

To My Obedient Ones

 My supernatural, that is All I AM above the heavens and earth is about to come down upon my obedient ones for I shall dress them in My pleasure 😊  as much as they have suffered and surrendered all for Me now I shall shower them in My goodness unlike any other and they will shine as Moses face did before the nations for I AM with them now and My Omnipotence shall be their reward all the days of their lives for as they have witnessed Me before the nations now I AM revealing them as My Light in the darkness !

Saturday, January 2, 2021

You are Blessed

 Your prognosis is good for your obedience is in tact leaving no opening for the enemy to get in. You are a pillar of light and fire destroying darkness leaving no stone unturned and your voice is my whip against the enemy causing them to run while suffering great pain and agony now advance as you take back My land from the enemy of my children's hearts for you carry My Sword of Truth