Monday, December 8, 2014


Do not follow after the title of man but listen and saturate your selves in My Spirit for I have great and mighty things in store for you for you carry My Lampstand. Do not despise the days of small beginnings for I AM God and not man. Allow My Spirit to lead you in these coming days and not man for I AM your Lord and True Shepherd and My Spirit brings and speaks freedom and grace. Make Me your Cornerstone for I AM True and Faithful to complete The Father's'will in and through you all. Do not despise the gift of prophecy for I send My messengers to My vineyards just as the parable speaks, I now speak to you. Love,forgive,build up and encourage for it is as you "Speak Life" My Spirit moves,supplies and heals and let there be great Charity among you and to. Those I place in your path. Be sensitiveto the calling of My Spirit for though he may. Come in. A still small. Voice. I have great plans for you for you. "Are". Mine. And I treasure you as My very own.

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