Monday, December 21, 2015


 Journey your way to me through listening to my heartbeat words to you immersed in worship writing down each beat of my heart for you are not depressed but merely missing divine assignments that lead to blessings that bring you into prosperity until your cup runs over with unspeakable Joy :o) \o/

Do you see my children I hold the Key of David in my hand and my arm is outstretched welcoming you into communion with me for I AM The Bread of Life.

Come drink of my cup offering intimacy with you my Bride for you are worthy and I AM all you need so make me all you desire for this is true worship as you fast the earth leaving your flesh behind.

Now come drink me in for I AM with you always and forever is my name.

Press through the veil my children and come into my holy presence for you are worthy to look into my revelation knowledge for I have fresh manna for you to gather . . .

" The Coals of My Testimony" for these are "ALIVE" with the "FIRE" of My "VIRTUE" and My "BURNING" Love for you and as they touch your lips Truly you shall begin to sing and declare the NEW Things into Life and airwaves for their harmony "IS" ETERNAL AND TRUE!

Go to the byways and the churches, where there are sick, where there are chains and hopelessness for I The Lord Declare FREEDOM ~ FREEDOM ~ FREEDOM for My Kingdom HAS COME IN YOU . . .

You call out to my virtue my children but truly you ARE my Virtue in action , do not think you are not worthy for I have cleansed you and so you ARE .

Now take My Virtue and Believe for truly you are my miracle to others in a NEW WINE SKIN !

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