Sunday, March 20, 2016

Unity and Testimony of Yahushua(Jesus) to The Bride and Church

My name is more prominent than understanding for before all things 
((( (( ( "I AM" ) )) ))) and I became The Foundation for all I created and it is in my wisdom the very heavenlies rest, as my knowledge reveals their place of rest as my understanding is the tongue and spirit as a 
thread and needle led by my love to hold all these things together and so it is that I have created a gown of protection and warmth for my church and Bride drawn and sewn from my light for this pleases The Father of lights 
that you be conceived of me for I AM Lord God and Creator King. 

Now take my thread of love and the sword of my spirit as your needle and clothe the naked and blind with my words of eternal righteousness for you are my ambassadors 
of Truth and eternal life. 

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