Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Are My Glory At Work

 Do you see my children I have  brought you together for you are my ecclesia (body and bride) and I am your Master. Do not fear all that is about to come for it is for my glory and the coming together of my body worldwide for there is about to be a great shaking of the nations for I am about to move from all corners of the earth for as I have heard your call for righteousness so my children I am calling you.   So as I shake and as I move my spirit remember to testify of me to all you face for I have placed my face upon you for you are my glory at work for all the nations to see  You are the peace I am bringing to the nations for I am alive in you


MRSix6Sigma said...

Good word!

Moving with compassion and heaven's resource to rescue the perishing is our mandate.

MRSix6Sigma said...

Good Word.

Moving with Compassion and bringing heaven's resources to rescue the perishing is our mandate.