Monday, May 9, 2022

Jesus is here for you right Now

 My love for you is undeniable as my breath is upon your lips. It carries you throughout your day and the beat of your heart signifies the power of My blood resurrecting you in each of its chambers.

 I am your shalom for my peace lifts you above the waters as I wash the mud from your eyes to see me and it is the touch of my virtue opening your ears to hear the voice of your Shepherd and King.

 Remain alert in these days ahead walking in Holiness for the devil is a prowling lion looking for a weakness in your armor. 

 Stay close to Me by keeping my Word in your mouth and praise upon your lips for I recognize your voice from all others and you are the one I lift up into my arms and carry when you grow weary on this path we travel together.

Merely reach out to me for I am here to take your hand . . . It is so

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