Thursday, October 15, 2009


Jealousy is not a condition but a choice and though some may seem as though they are deserving truly this is reproach before my spirit and my altar “ strange fire “ , so as to keep with the findings of their fleshly worship “true paganism “ , for to craft your own belief into existence as a god is truly blasphemy and reckless abandonment to the true foundation of my love .

So vanity and this hideous nature create a stench to my nostrils and ways (Isaiah 30) for it is truly an empty sounding gong before my ( heart ( that conceives righteousness through the zeal of my ways ) and there is no covetedness in my kingdom for I am your reward as I am for my priests .

So be my Samuels and renounce the spirit of Eli’s sons for truly their reward was bargained for in the darkness of their ways and allow no spirit of Korah among you for I am your Gem and the facets of my ways ( psalm 119 ) are eternal and true magnifying my light “ The Testimony of Jesus Christ “ !

Now come unto the Rock of ages for I AM THAT I AM and I desire for you to drink me in as the Apple of my eye for you have struggled and wrestled , now surrender to The Prince of Peace Elijah’s reward even now !


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