Thursday, August 12, 2021

A word for The Intercessors

 You are the Gem of my eye , the jewel in my crown I take great pride in wearing , for in your meekness and forlorn I have taken great pleasure and even now you sit by my side and walk under my lamp of righteousness I hold before you as you walk in my way , I see your instability with hope for mankind as your heart cries for me to pour out my love on the needy and poor and into the hearts of others to disperse hatred , lies , deceipt , jealousy and selfishness and replace it with the fruit of my spirit ...But Take heart in tomorrow for my day  is not through and I AM and always will be your God of righteousness and love , so as you pray for others in need of repair , restoration and righteousness , I will blossom your walk in my love and give you the understanding of why this must be ?! For I AM Creator and Friend , the love you search for ... for in me alone shall you find the peace and tranquility you chase after and long to have poured into your life and heart  , so come to me now and I will fill you to overflowing in my love left unsanctioned not just for you but all mankind . 4-6-05

 Isaiah 44:3 For I will pour water on the thirsty land , and streams on dry ground ; I will pour out my spirit on your offspring , and my blessings on your descendents .(Take heart ! For I AM about to pour out on you ! )

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