Saturday, August 7, 2021

Noble House

 I AM moving you into Michael's Domain ,

 Your life will never be the same ,

 For from Glory to Glory I will bring you to see,

 The Truth of My Majesty,

 So hold onto My virtue for here we go,

 Straight through Zion's gates and onto the show,

 Where truly myriads of Angels you shall see,

 And the fullness of My glory,

 For few are the eyes that look into,

 My glory that not even Moses then knew,

 But now even He you shall find there,

 Sitting beside Me in his chair,

 Yet I have reserved a place for you ,

 And believe me when I say where I sit there you shall be to,

 For as My WORD you shall share in My Throne,

 For you have Overcome and now sit in this place you call Home,

For Zion's gates have welcomed you ,

 Along with the saints that sit beside you . . .

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