Sunday, August 14, 2016

Come away with Me My Beloved

 "Come" " ~ "Drink" ~ Lean into My Coals and Purifying Fire for I AM welcoming you to look deep into My Virtue this very hour upon ~ My courts of Praise ~ 

In the early morning I will reveal My Wonders to you and they truly ARE My Wonders for they come suddenly and expose the unbelievers to Heaven in a magnificent way as they ~ Display ~ My GLORY and ( (( ( POWER ) )) )  over all creation .

 You see just as My Spirit hovered over the waters truly He hovers over you as you seek My face awaiting My direction for your day.

 So is it so hard to just spend time with me ? For I restore your strength as you "spend" time in My presence but more than this I AM your all in all for I have numbered your days and know each breath.

  come away with Me for I am your sovereign God and Savior and I hold your very days in My hands of Grace.

 Won't you come walk with Me that we may agree on the Wonders of your days in Me . . .

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