Sunday, November 22, 2015

God's Staircase the Highway of Holiness found in Worship

 My staircase illuminates your stepping stones that bring you into My Presence and make no mistake as you ascend accolades of praise and worship shall saturate your wellspring for it is true worship that lifts you into My Presence where Peace is the soothing sound of worshiping The KING of kings and LORD of lords for I AM  COMPLETE,HOLY and TRUE and My Virtue is yours to "Behold" as you worship Me from your hearts "AS ONE".

        Deuteronomy 33:3

3 “Indeed, He loves His people;
All Your holy ones are in Your hand.
They followed in Your steps;
They accept and receive direction from You.

Psalm 24:3-6
"Who shall ascend (5927 ~ alah) unto the hill of the

The hill of the Lord is Mount Zion (Psalms 2:6)

                  God's people are in Zion (Isaiah 10:24,

                  God dwells in Zion (Psalm 9:11, Joel 3:17)

   5927 ~ Hebrew word "alah" which means "to ascend"
                  5944 ~ Hebrew word "aliyah" from 5927 which
means "something lofty a stairway, going up, ascend"

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